One of the first steps in our creative process is to extrapolate the prospect’s desires and pains from a new client’s marketing materials and the client themself.
It’s not always easy to turn the focus from the product to the user, so when I came across this blog post from Explorable, I thought it was a great conversation starter.

16 Basic desires prospects may have in relation to your product or service:

  1. Acceptance – the need to be appreciated
  2. Curiosity, the need to gain knowledge
  3. Eating, the need for food
  4. Family, the need to take care of one’s offspring
  5. Honor, the need to be faithful to the customary values of an individual’s ethnic group, family or clan
  6. Idealism, the need for social justice
  7. Independence, the need to be distinct and self-reliant
  8. Order, the need for prepared, established, and conventional environments
  9. Physical activity, the need for work out of the body
  10. Power, the need for control of the will
  11. Romance, the need for mating.
  12. Saving, the need to accumulate something
  13. Social contact, the need for relationships with others
  14. Social status, the need for social significance
  15. Tranquility, the need to be secure and protected
  16. Vengeance, the need to strike back against another person

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