Are Pitch Decks for Investors Important?

Whether you’re a start-up company offering a new service or a well-established business rolling out a new product, you will more than likely need some investment capital to get your service or product off the ground and into the development stage. To do this, you will need to secure investors, which is not always easy.
Investors will want to know all the details about you, your business, your product or service, and everything in between. It would be best if you prepared what is known as a pitch deck. So, to answer in short, are pitch decks for investors essential? Yes, they are crucial.

The Key to Securing Investment

If you’re trying to secure investment, your pitch deck needs to be incredibly detailed to give investors as much information about your product or service and business as possible. You might be wondering many things, such as why pitch decks are essential for investors? What do I include in a pitch deck?
Generally, you want to make all of the information in your pitch deck to the point and neatly laid out. Nobody wants to sit and read a wall of text. Chances are your investors will get bored and not even finish reading through it.
Keep your pitch deck short and sweet while remaining informative if you want to secure investment.

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8 Things Investors Want To See In A Pitch Deck

We have learned why pitch decks are essential for investors and how you can use them to secure funding. But what is the most crucial information that investors expect to see in a pitch deck?
Investors want straight to the point information about your business, including:

The Team – Who is part of your business? What roles do they undertake?
Business Information – What does your business do? How long have you been in business? What are your plans for the future?
Financial Projections – How is your business doing financially? Are you in profit? Do you expect to be in profit within a certain amount of time?
Problem and Solution – What is the gap in the market you are trying to fill? What is your product or service, and how is this a solution to the hole in the market?
Who uses it with market validation? – Is there anyone currently using your product or service or a prototype with great success in a live environment?
Market adoption – What is your market adoption process? Do you have one? What stages must a customer go through to buy your product or service?
Competitors and competitive advantages – Do you have any competitors? What benefits does your product or service bring over that of your competitors?
Business model financials – Do you have a forecast of financials that investors can see based on different financial models?

So, are pitch decks for investors essential? Yes, they are instrumental for investors to get a good picture of your business and product or service. They are a great way of helping to secure investment.