AE/AI/BDM Marketing Team Structure

The 2024 AE/ AI / BDM Playbook

AI AE BDM Playbook

The latest in sales & marketing are teams that consist of a full time AE, AI, and a part time BDM. The above is an actual live playbook designed to fill your funnel by generating 4K Unique touches every 30 days.

By implementing this model, businesses can optimize their processes and save precious time and resources. This allows for more focus on crucial tasks and greater efficiency overall.

Medium sized businesses are now standing up marketing teams that leverages AI.  

Comprised of a full time skilled Account Executive, state-of-the-art AI Enhanced Software, and an experienced, part time Business Development Manager, this playbook consistently produces outstanding results despite operating with minimal resources.

In recent years, AI has revolutionized the way digital marketing works. By automating numerous tasks, it allows marketers to reach more prospects with less staff. This technology has helped businesses to optimize their marketing strategies, providing accurate data analysis, advanced customer segmentation, and personalized messaging.

By relying on AI, marketers can better understand their audience and tailor their campaigns to meet specific needs, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue. AI also assists in predicting market trends and identifying the most valuable leads, freeing up valuable time and resources for other important tasks. 

Overall, AI has transformed digital marketing by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving overall outcomes.

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Web User Survey

Gain valuable insights into your target audience before launch. This 10 question survey measures foundational metrics – use

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De-liv-er-a-ble Pricing

A deliverable is a tangible or intangible item produced as a result of a project that is intended to be delivered to a customer or stakeholder.

New: At De-liv-er-a-ble, we understand that budget constraints can be a real challenge when it comes to fulfilling project needs. That’s why we offer affordable, no-contract, U.S. based options that provide expert support for just $28 per hour. Our flexible solutions can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, whether you need one-time, temporary, or part-time commitments.

For your convenience, we support a wide range of platforms. Explore our offerings here:

Project Quotes

Web User Survey

Gain valuable insights into your target audience before launch. This 10 question survey measures foundational metrics – use the Web User Survey today.

PPC Still Drives Healthcare Practice Profits

With a deep focus on advanced SEO research and in-depth keyword testing, we meticulously crafted and engineered our company’s web properties to seamlessly integrate across multiple digital channels, including Google Ads, Google Search, and Google Analytics. Our innovative PPC strategy has been expertly implemented and has been driving impressive growth and conversion rates year after year since the start of 2020.

It’s pretty simple: Jim is reliable, effective, and inventive, he get’s the job done. He’s become an integral part of our marketing team. Katie Destefano, CEO,

Looking to promote your business? Google Ads is a powerful tool that allows you to place ads on Google’s search results page. Ads are targeted to users based on keywords, location, and other factors, making it easier to reach your target audience and maximize your marketing efforts.

90% of startups fail. Learn from startup failures and successes.

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Fintech Saas Go To Market

We helped a Fintech startup grow by creating a go-to-market strategy, developing front-end deliverables, refining customer experience processes, and building the client portal for user engagement and retention. Our team of experts provided innovative solutions and design elements for every stage of the project.

Knowledgeable, easy to work with, results-oriented, and consistently delivers great value. He is a valuable part of Veriphy’s daily marketing. Al Otto, Co-Founder

In order to effectively execute Go To Market strategies, it is essential to access a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge spanning various aspects of sales and marketing.

90% of startups fail. Learn from startup failures and successes.

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Another Startup Failure, Because “No PMF”

Product Market Fit Fail

It does not matter if your product solves the customer’s problems in the most efficient way. If the customer is not willing to pay then you lack PMF.

One effective means of measuring consumer willingness to pay is by seeking pre-sales. This approach is especially helpful if you have not yet built your product, as it can inform you if it is worth investing in the full development of your idea. By obtaining early financial commitments from potential customers, you can gain one of the strongest indicators that your idea has a solid product-market fit.

90% of startups fail. Learn from startup failures and successes.

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Healthcare startup Project Ronin burned through $10 million dollars of investor cash before finding out there was no product market Fit. (It solved a problem, but the market was unwilling to pay for it.) Read more about that here.

Presales is a crucial aspect of any successful sales process. It involves a wide range of activities, ranging from conducting research and developing a deeper understanding of potential customers, to nurturing and strengthening relationships with them. By investing time and effort into presales, businesses can effectively establish a strong foundation upon which to build their sales funnel and ultimately achieve greater success. Once presales teams have successfully established these crucial connections, they can then transfer them to the sales team to help facilitate the purchasing process.

Hat tip to Nico from Failory!

Journera’s $35 Million Dollar Product Market Fit Fail

Journera Fail

Last week, Journera, an innovative startup with a mission of revolutionizing the travel industry by connecting all aspects of a journey together, unfortunately announced the closure of its operation. Despite having secured a total funding of $36 million over the span of 8 years, the company encountered challenges in finding a viable market for their product.

While it is certainly disappointing that Journera had to shut down, it’s important to remember that failure is often an essential part of the entrepreneurial journey. Many successful entrepreneurs experience multiple failures before finding a winning formula for their business. In fact, some would argue that failure is necessary in order to ultimately achieve success.

Once again, thanks to Nico over at for helping us avoid failure.

Looking at the reasons why Journera failed, it’s clear that product-market-fit is essential for any startup. Without a strong need and willingness to pay for your product, even the most innovative and exciting idea won’t succeed. It’s important for entrepreneurs to constantly evaluate their product-market-fit and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Timing is another key factor that can make or break a startup. While Journera may have been ahead of its time, it’s possible that their idea could still thrive in a different market or at a different time. Successful entrepreneurs pay close attention to market trends and are able to identify where the next big opportunity lies.

Ultimately, the lessons learned from Journera’s failure can be valuable for any entrepreneur. Remember, failure is not the end, but rather an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve your strategy for future success.

90% of startups fail. Learn from startup failures and successes

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