This is short post is about the Success Page Candy Shelf, a way to level up your users’ experience.

The Tip Summary:

Even after your web visitor has said yes to the sales call, demo, appointment of free resource signup, you still can solidify that new relationship further by building a Success Page Candy Shelf on both your success web pages, both thank you and no thank you versions.

Did you ever notice at grocery checkouts everywhere they also offer you candy bars and magazines to purchase? That’s their version of the ‘success page candy shelf offering’.

It’s a sales funnel technique to help your prospect get everything they may need, or you want them to learn, during the ‘checkout’. Remember a checkout can be any number of measurable conversion types.

For example:

If you have ever bought a toy for a child on Christmas Eve, and the cashier asked if you needed batteries for that. The cashier probably didn’t even need to ask, because toy story checkouts usually always have a battery display at checkout.

Here’s one of my appointment setting  ‘success’ pages. – I try to reinforce my qualifications prior to the appointment call by offering 2 hyperlinks back to my site.

The first link sends the web visitor to a page about our clients, here. It helps reinforce who we are, and what we do, to make sure the fit is right. The second is a direct upsell, to join my ProTip List.

Both provide value to my prospect checking out. Another great take is Shopify’s ‘Candy Rack’. More about that here if you are interested. 


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Start today.
It's more than just upselling, it's about providing your prospect with the tools they need to make a decision about doing business with you.

Be creative.
Your candy shelf could be stocked with donation links to your favorite charities, to demonstrate your vision of who you are a s a company.

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