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EMAIL # 4 'Crazy Test'


Last week I was in an online forum reading about how people trying to [lose weight/grow their business/get specific outcome] are telling each other different wacko things they should try.

One commenter actually recommended [electric belt/sending spam/crazy scheme]

Let me tell you… that’s nuts.

Not only will that advice fail… it could [make you sick/land you in jail/cost you a lot of money].

And that got me thinking.

There’s a lot of ways people try to [achieve specific outcome] that has no hope of working.

For example:

  • “[doomed-to-fail method 1]”
  • “[doomed-to-fail method 2]”
  • “[doomed-to-fail method 3]”

You’ve probably tried one of those at some point.

I have too.

But take it from a genius:

Einstein said “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So, “Step 1”:


Stop doing the stuff that people suggest that you’ve tried before and doesn’t work.

If it didn’t work the last time you tried, it’s not going to suddenly work this time.

“Step 2”:

Do something NEW

The good news for you is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (like I did).

I’ve put what I’ve learned in the [product name].

You get the sum total of my years of using my own [body/business/relationship] as an experiment… testing out every idea I could find or dream up.

Most of it was a dead end… but after I tried everything… I learned what DID work.

I wrestled with sharing what I learned or keeping it to myself.

But there’s too much garbage being spewed online that is being passed off as “advice”.

People are getting hurt.

Some are giving up with broken dreams and drained bank accounts.

It’s a wasteland of misinformation with no one pointing out what actually WORKS.

And that’s when I knew I had to share this with anyone that wants to stop slamming their head against a brick wall trying crazy methods that never work or don’t last.

And the best news is that for a very limited time you get a CRAZY discount:

[expiring link here]

Give it a shot.

One thing you know for sure is that it’s NOT the same old same old that gets you nowhere.

It worked for [Customer Name]

[testimonial here]


[Your Name]

PS - If it doesn’t work for you I’ve got you covered by my “[name of guarantee]”

[state guarantee]

So give it a shot.

[expiring link here]


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