This is the 2nd of the 6th email in the series.


Why It's Important

It's build suspense that they are going to miss out a great deal.

How To Use It

EMAIL # 6 (2 of 3), '9 hours left: Trying to avoid grumpy support tickets'


Quick heads up that the sign up deadline for "[Product Name Here]" is in about 9 hours - [deadline text].

I know if I don't send out an email warning about this then I'm going to get some angry emails. People will be sending me "grumpy mail" because they missed out on the program.

So consider this an official warning 🙂

Go grab your copy now so you don't miss out on the [50% off deal] of [Product Name Here].

CLOSING: [50% off deal]

[expiring link here]

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

P.S. If you clicked the link in an earlier email, but didn't see the sign up button, no worries...

It should appear instantly when you click this link:

CLOSING: [50% off deal]

[expiring link here]


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