This is the 3rd email in the series.

It's a final reminder to order before the promotion expires.

Why It's Important

It's the last opportunity to boost your sales.

How To Use It

Use it by itself, or part of an automated series of emails. See how it works, live.


Cutty Powers

no credit card needed. isn't that awesome?

EMAIL # 6 (3-3)  '3 hoursleft: Snooze Button'


Hey one last friendly reminder about tonight's deadline...

If you've been hitting the "snooze button" for a few days, and haven't picked up your copy of "[Product Name Here]" yet...

Now is your last chance to get [more than half off the program and the three extra bonuses]...

Because this offer expires in 3 hours - at [deadline text].

[expiring link here]

If you're looking for [their desired end benefit here], pick up a risk-free copy before the price more than doubles at midnight:

CLOSING: Special deal for "[Product Name Here]"

[expiring link here]

Talk soon,

[Your Name Here]

PS - [Reveal an alternate benefit that isn't the main benefit but still very powerful]

[expiring link here]

PS#2 - [Reverse the risk and remind them that they risk nothing by taking you up on your offer... they can change their mind later and describe your amazing guarantee]

PS#3 - [Great client testimonial here. Include their name and picture if you have their permission]


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