How do I ask for a referral?

#10 of the Free Email Series

How Do I Ask For A Referral? Here's How, From Anyone:

How do I ask for a referral? It's pretty simple. They are a major source of new business, but you won’t necessarily receive them without asking. Send this email soon after a client’s purchase, while their experience with your business is fresh in their mind.

Why don't we? Assuming we aren't lazy, it's most likely fear of not knowing how. Or a self esteem issue in my case. Or somewhere in between. Either way it can a major impact on your lead generation and sales.

re·fer·ral | \ ri-ˈfər-əl \
Definition of referral
1: the act, action, or an instance of referring
gave the patient a referral to a specialist
2: one that is referred

Here's Webster's definition of a referral.

Why It's Important

Clients may be more inspired to give referrals if you ask them to help other people instead of asking them to help your business.

How To Use It

Note: This is part of a 10 part email campaign series. The entire series is here, for free.

EMAIL #10. Referral Request


Subject line: How can I help?

Hi [first name],

Assisting clients with [the problems your business solves] is the reason I got into business, and I’m always looking for more people to help.

If anyone comes to mind, please send me their contact information.

As a way to say thanks, I’d like to offer you [a referral incentive, if applicable to your business].


Here are some popular variations of referral slogans we’ve seen over time:

  1. Get [benefit] by inviting your friends to [brand]! (Dropbox)
  2. Invite your friends  (Airbnb)
  3. Invite friends to [brand]!
  4. Invite friends, get [benefit] (Amuze)
  5. Invite a friend and you each get [benefit] 

Check out a dozen more slogans at

Most importantly, whatever you do please remember you miss all the shots you don't take.

-Wayne Gretzky

-Michael Scott 

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