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Linkedin messaging is the wild west, and scary. And by scary I mean automated, lifeless and frankly (no pun intended) hard to believe effective in any meaningful way.

Just take a closer look at the message bar in the image above. It's typical of what I get on the daily. It may be hard to read but let me break it down for you.

There are 8 visible Linked messages. 

Of those 8, 5 of them are bots that sound almost exactly like this:

"Hi Jim. I was checking out your profile and it looks like..." 

Sidenote: If that is you in the 5, and you are not a bot, you should be glad I am bringing this to your attention.

3 were from real friends or acquaintances, and well, you can certainly feel the difference. One was an unsolicited intro from me to 2 other friends who have similar skills and hyper similar channels, and the other were 2 friends who checked in with a personal introduction, with no ask. I repeat, there was no ask.

We all know there are rules, both unwritten and written (link below on Linkedin's cold call messaging rules). But apparently it's the wild west out there, and you may want to consider what the first line of your cold call  message says.

You won't regret it. And if you are scratching your head on what to write, or even if it's your job to just approve someone else's writing before publishing or scheduling, there a ton of free templates here.

Here is the link to the Linkedin messaging Help FAQ

How important is this as a marketing tool? Take a look at the Google Trend chart below.

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