Deliverables for Startups

Web and Digital Standup

UX, UI, Wireframes, Websites (new and redesigned), and Landing Pages are built to accomplish specific business and sales objectives.

Outbound & Inbound Leads

Sales funnels, copywriting, and outbound and inbound lead generation using digital marketing campaigns.

  • Discover, develop and implement digital marketing campaigns across various platforms, including social media, and email.
  • Campaign management, social media management, and marketing strategy development
  • Excellent communication skills

Lean Startup Project Management

  • Creating and communicating a project plan, schedule, and budget
  • Assigning tasks and deadlines
  • Scheduling frequent check-ins
  • Clearing roadblocks
  • Escalating challenges when necessary
  • Providing status reports to executives
  • Managing project scope
  • QAing all project deliverables

Contributing to client proposals and quotes and assessing and evaluating project success

Software Development

• Collaborating with management, departments and customers to identify end-user requirements and specification
• Testing and deploying programs and applications
• Compiling and assessing user feedback to improve software performance
• Observing user feedback to recommend improvements to existing software products
• Developing technical documentation to guide future software development projects

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