The 6 Steps of a Marketing Roadmap

Not many online product or business launches succeed without a plan. Here are the 6 steps of every marketing roadmap, ever.

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1. Front End Marketing Roadmap

This is how people know you exist. They include all those things you DO to let the world about your company or charity. Examples would be online and offline activities like networking/events, business cards, cold calling Google ads, and maybe really good SEO. Stuff like that. Every marketing roadmap is filled with these.

2. Lead Generation

Ok. So now that they know about you, how do they FIND you? This column includes things like your storefront, a website, Social Media, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Stuff like that.

3. The Offer (Lead Magnets)

You are doing 1 and 2 and they have shown up. What have you prepared for them as a welcome? If it’s a storefront, is it free coffee? On a website or landing page is it a free e-book download? These Offers ( or Lead Magnets as they are called ) need to be useful and valuable to your prospect. A typical Lead Magnet may be a Free Report or other Free Download, a 30 Day Free Trial, a Contest, or other Free Giveaway. You get the idea.

4. Lead Capture

This column is where you will list how they get “in”. How do they get the Offer ( and YOU get their information: email, phone number, etc.). Examples would be a Web Form they fill out, a cool Landing Page or Squeeze page and for offline activities, things like a clipboard with a sign-up sheet. Also, these include smartphone apps.

5. Lead Nurture

You’ve done a lot of work to get them ‘in the door’, now you have to sell them on why they should crack open their wallet. For a storefront, it would be the sales pitch and the merchandising. Online, it may be things like a Free Trial Campaign, a series of emails over time, or even a mix of both, that includes a telephone follow-up. Whatever your Lead Nurture strategy is, one thing is most important: It’s planned out in advance. 

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6. Product / Offerings (The Sale)

If it’s a time-saving widget or a donation to stop world hunger, this is the place to list your offerings. All of them, not just the main ones. This is the sale.

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