Sometimes a pause is in order.

This gives you an opportunity for feedback and to continue to send them specials, without them unsubscribing or marking you as spam.

Why It's Important

You are  able to continue to send marketing material to them.

How To Use It

Use it by itself, or part of an automated series of emails.

EMAIL # 7 'Snooze Button'


Hey I saw we got a ton of orders for the [50% off deal] on [product name] but…

I didn’t see your order.

Did you simply overlook the deadline or did you decide it wasn’t a good fit for you?

Can you give me your feedback by clicking below?

[link: If you just missed the deadline, click here]

[link: if you decided the [product name] wasn’t for you,


click here


This will really help my team know if we’re offering you what you want.

PS - And if you just missed the deadline that’s important for us to know too… because the next time we run a promotion we’ll let you know (whenever that might be)


[Your Name]


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